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ThE UnTolD LiFe

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This is a semi-friends journal, sorry u__u That's why only CLAMP's characters birthdays and other stuff will be available for all. The locked part has my crazy daily life and other things. However, it doesn't mean that I hate people or I don't want to make new friends. Actually, I like to meet and talk to new people. Therefore, if you want to be my friend you will be welcome ^_^

Just a little request ^^U

Please!, introduce yourself HERE, so I can know something about you ^___^

Thanks in advance.


My natal language is spanish and I live in Puebla, Mexico. Currently in university studying Food Engineering (I'm not a chef if you are thinking that XDDD).

I attempt to be a respectful person, always listening to others. Also, I apply the rule -try the others as you want them to treat you-. About my character, many people had told me that I'm funny. Maybe that's because I seek to be a positive person always trying to see the bad things of life with humor. Therefore, you can expect many things from me XDDD

Finally, I love all CLAMP's works, they are just unique.


Name: I prefer the anonimity XD
Nicknames: Hikaru-san, Hikki-chan, Hika-chan
Age: 20
Birthday: May
City/country: Puebla/Mexico
Favorite Animal: Cat, Rabbit
Favorite Subjects: Food process, food conservation methods, thermodynamic properties of foods
Hobbies: Drawing, sleeping, reading
Favourite: CLAMP
CLAMP's Favourite Manga: ALL!!! I really love them all but especially Magic Knight Rayearth, RG Veda, Tokyo Babylon, X and CLAMP School Paranormal Investigators
Dislikes: Hypocrisy


peich: Grandmother.
kuropun: Big Brother.
sha_chan: First Sister.
shidouhikaru15: Second Sister.
aiulen: Third Sister.
ax_sky: Fourth Sister.
kushi_dango: Fifth Sister.
syaoxsaku_fan: Sixth Sister.
refreshisama: Twin one (cousin).
chitose_atsuko: Twin two (cousin).
lala_lia: Aunt.
faye91: Pet -> Duckie.
sho1234: Duckie's Maiden.